Fractal Moonshine (fractal_moonshi) wrote in boys_gaily,
Fractal Moonshine

limpid-eyed James Duval (Frank the Bunny in "Donnie Darko")

This photo from Us magazine was taken in 1998. This was the way James wore his hair in "A River Made to Drown In," where he played a gay hustler Richard Chamberlain's character was infatuated with.

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Croc sex. Nippy.
heh, what a coincidence; Yahoo news had a story today about game wardens in some African nation finally catching a 16-foot-long crocodile that was terrorizing the population. I think the little fellow James is holding is a cayman, the smallest crocodilian.
16ft. Fuck me. Or rather, please please don't. Or at least rather not with that huge croc.