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avoidant therapy

As co-presiding president moderator queen of boys_gaily, I would like to spare a rather crudely constructed "photo spam" of dead gay poets from WW1.

Siegfred Sassoon

Sass was, mosdef, bent as a weasel. But he is the crowning glory of WW1 bumfun.

Alan Seeger

Not gay, just pretty. But default, aren't all poets gay? Kinda?

Rupert Brooke

..taking tea!

"The handsomest young man in England" - tell 'em, Yeats.

James Merrill

Robert Graves
"You, reading over my shoulder, peering beneath
My writing arm - I suddenly feel your breath
Hot on my hand or on my nape,
So interrupt my theme, scratching these few
Words on the margin for you, namely you,
Too human shape fixed in that shape.."

Moody so-and-so.

Edmund Blunden

A nod to RC Sherriff whose play, Journey's End, has homoerotic moments.

And a nod to Wilf.

(I wouldn't).

I'm sure I've missed many a bumfight. Please shout names at me as they come. (Ha, come. "I'm COMI-I-I-I-ING!").
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